GDC- I’m going to be a CA!

Hey gamers! So remember this post? No? Well here it is!


Hall of Game Twitter Post

I think it’s time I went into more detail of what this means. Back on January 4th, I received an email from the Conference Associate Manager for GDC. What’s GDC you ask? Well it is known as the Game Developer Conference where hundreds of well known game developers come to one place to discuss game development (that was a lot of game development in that sentence). I got chosen out of hundreds of applications to be a Conference Associate and get a change to meet these developers!!!! On top of this fantastic news, my best friend got into the CA program as well!

He’s a veteran CA so this will be his second year going but this is my first. We get the chance to go to San Francisco together and meet our CA family while working at THE GAME DEVELOPERS CONFERENCE! On top of working at the place, we get an all Access Pass to enjoy the conference on our breaks. There are numerous jobs available as a CA that gives you a chance to speak to famous developers. I’m so honored to be chosen and cannot wait to meet the CA family.


Logo owned by GDC

We leave in 8 days! My best friend and I have created a trip itinerary including everything that NEEDS to be done while we are in San Fran. My main goal (besides working at the conference) is to see the Golden Gate Bridge in person. Ever since the Full House intro, I’ve done nothing but want to see that bridge. I want to be in a convertible with the top down singing the theme song while going across that bridge. Oh and good news! Our hotel is 10 minutes away from the Full House house. If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll bump into Uncle Jesse ❤ ❤ ❤

Now you may be asking, “How does this relate to me? I’m not going to the conference” Well good news for you is my best friend and I are going to vlog the time that we’re there. Of course only the things we’re allowed to share and show on camera. It’ll be like you guys are in San Francisco with us 🙂

That’s all for now gamers, I hope you guys will join me in this journey 🙂

-See Ya Hall of Gamers!!